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looks pretty cool . im really looking forwoards to play it !

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This was a pretty cool concept for a puzzle heavy game. The graphics are decent, the music is nice, and the audio mechanics all work well with its concept. Audio is a huge thing for me when it comes to games. Yeah the games gota have graphics and a nice story. But no matter what your doing in a game, there's usually some kind of audio in the background. This game builds on that and incorporates it into the mechanics of solving the puzzles in the world which I thought is rather cool. I will say aside from a spawning glitch that prevented me from getting the last piece, I liked the progressing through your memories to find who you are. All in all a cool concept that seem to work from what was shown in the demo and I look forward to seeing how it evolves into the final version. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.


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Hey thank you so much for playing my game! and im sorry for the glitch that I didn't find, yea you were suppose to go to the last area where the door closed off to get the last memory, and i assume you didnt light up the check point in that memory before you died, that definitely need to be fixd. and thanks for all the feedback and critics, the reason theres no graphical hints on the health is because using audio hint to let the player know its health was part of my research of making the game :)

Ahh no worries man. That stuff can happen and any real gamer should have lit the torch before dying. And yeah that death sounds makes sense. Just figured it would be kind of cool to see something like that along with the audio as you start to freeze.

Hey, i thought this game was pretty good. The first level went well and I think I got lucky towards the end with one puzzle, if you put this on the gamejolt website I think a lot of people will love it and it would get my 5. If you make more I would like to see it.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

hey thank you so much for playing my game! it felt so strange watching a Youtuber playing haha. I will definitely try to post it up on gamejoit.